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When Should You Start Working On Your Thesis?

To be very brief, the answer to this question is, start as early as possible. If the thesis deadline is two months away and you are wondering if you should be starting now, the answer is a resounding yes. Many students face this problem, particularly first-time thesis writers who do not understand just how tasking it can be to write one.By the time they finally do start writing, the molehill has become a mountain and it can be difficult to pick a good topic, find the right professors, get app...

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How To Pick An Interesting Topic For Your Thesis

Picking a topic for your thesis can be very challenging, particularly if you end up choosing the wrong one. A thesis paper will highlight all the knowledge you have acquired and the topic you pick will end up governing the nature of the content as well. If you pick a topic that is boring or one that is difficult to research—either because not much knowledge or exists regarding it or the data is not easy accessible—you’ll be struggling a great deal. To simplify everything, a good idea is to ...

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Common Challenges In Writing Research Proposals And How To Overcome Them

Writing a research proposal is a grueling process and one that is made harder by various different challenges. In fact, well-written proposals are so difficult to come across that the Research on Poverty Alleviation organization (REPOA) launched a study on it by reviewing around 240 proposals they received. Situated in Tanzania, REPOA received a total of 783 different proposals from all across the world from 1995 to 2004. Out of this number, only 55% (450) of the submitted proposals received ...

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How To Have Fun While You Are Writing Your Essay

A major issue with essay writing comes with the fact that many find the task to be so dull, intimidating and challenging. This often leads to one procrastinating until the essay that had a week’s completion time has to be completed and submitted in a few hours. Not only does this end up causing a lot more stress, but the result is less than satisfactory. To make essay writing simpler, you have to start seeing the fun in it. This can be difficult, particularly if you find essays to be very dul...

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Healthy Practices That Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing well is a skill that actually very easy to attain. Many people often tend to underestimate their writing abilities or feel that they are lacking in some manner. The following are a few healthy practices that can improve your writing abilities: 1. Read for VocabularyA good writer is an avid reader and your reading experience can give you more insight into what makes a piece of content stand out. It is also a good idea to read from different genres. Whether you’re reading blog posts and...

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